My Guilty Pleasure Today: Playing House Flipper

Right now, being fresh out of college and without money (but with huge dept to pay for the studies that help me get hired and rich… yeah, right!) I live in a crappy studio in an apartment building, with barely enough room to stretch my feet and deposit my otherwise impressive video game collection.

Fortunately, when it comes to PC gaming, we now have Steam and digital storage, so at least that won’t eat up precious living space out of future unemployed students like myself. And that’s one of the reasons why I have decided to give House Flipper a try.

The main reason is that the game is now one of the most popular games on Steam. Really! A game that had – to my knowledge at least – zero marketing and coverage over at the big gaming sites, somehow manages to be a best selling game. And you know what? It’s absolutely amazing! As soon as you start playing this little game, you get instantly addicted.

It’s a guilty pleasure for any gamer who dreams of becoming a competitive player or at least considers themselves a hardcore type who would never ever admit to reaching level 1,500 in Candy Crush Saga. But what a pleasure it is!

House Flipper, in case you still haven’t heard of it yet, allows you to become a house flipper (no big surprise here, right?).

Basically, everything that you do in this game is what all the folks in the hit house flipping TV reality shows out there do: you buy a property that’s in a horrible state, you pick up the hammer and smash some walls (totally optional), renovate and redecorate the whole thing and you sell it for a profit.

A repetitive, daunting task with still somewhat limited possibilities – at least when compared to real life – but still extremely rewarding and insanely addictive.

Yes, I admit it. House Flipper on Steam is a truly casual game with little depth. But I LOVE IT!

I love it that much that I completely stayed away from using an unlimited money cheat (found it on Commonsense Gamer if others are not as strong-willed as myself) and I’m still doing well. Actually, the whole point and purpose of the game is to do things yourself. Slowly but steadily and care about nothing. A cheat that gives you infinite money solves nothing because the game is not about earning money or anything else but keep you hooked, relaxed, and dreaming of becoming or being the next house flipper in mainstream media.

And even though the houses featured there somehow manage to be even more horrible that my current room (where I can still see pizza boxes from over the weekend and beer cans from God knows when), the pleasure of turning them into dream homes is truly amazing.

For somebody who recently finished school and seems to be mostly in between jobs than actually working, for somebody living in sub-par conditions as I do and dreaming to make it big – or at least better – some day, House Flipper is a breath of fresh air.

I can get closer to the screen and imagine that the huge villa that I just bought is mine. And I will decorate is as I would my own home. It doesn’t matter that the buyers are not as impressed. This game is played by myself for my pleasure only. Everything else is just extra gravy.

If you want to make it your own guilty pleasure too, get it on Steam. It’s worth it, no matter what types of games you normally prefer to play.


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