Cryptocurrency Inspired Game Tree of Life to Reward Players with Real Gold Coin

The cryptocurrency world is booming right now and the whole thing is getting more and more popular, even though it doesn’t lack its share of bashing from the big guys. But as it always happens when something becomes extremely profitable, things are starting to move in the gaming area as well in somewhat unrelated categories.

For example, we have Tree of Life, a MMORPG that’s available on Steam and which takes some inspiration from the cryptocurrency world, offering the BoBoo Coin. And they’re taking this one step further, offering the chance to their players to earn a real gold BoBoo Coin! That’s pretty interesting for sure, and you don’t have to be a crypto-enthusiast to like the sound of that!

In a recent press release announcing this brand new contest (and, by the way, they have a ton of those on their official Facebook page), we could read:

“Many years ago, bandits followed Mr. Boboo and stole his treasures, cleverly hiding Boboo’s Coins in the rocks and ore veins all over Vegonia. Now it’s time to get them back! Adventurers, get your best pickaxe and get mining! You may end up earning some real gold…

Boboo Coins sell well, however the price can never be predicted. Much like for Bitcoins it can change depending on the amount of Boboo Coins mined and sold. But be aware, there is a limited number of Boboo Coins that can be found – so watch the market and be strategic about your trades. A fortune can be lost or made, it’s all about your timing.

The player who sells the most Boboo Coins will get a real golden Boboo Coin sent to their home! Real life. Real Gold – so what are you waiting for?”

This sounds too good to be true, but in this case, it isn’t. And it’s even more traditionally accepted than the recent cryptocurrencies. Plus, it’s real gold. Who wouldn’t like some real gold?

Of course, if you just start playing today, chances are pretty slim for you to be the winner, but you never know. And better to start now and get an early lead for the next similar contest that the developers run.

In case you never heard of Tree of Life, it’s a sandbox survival MMORPG where every player creates an individual gaming experience based on choices throughout the adventure. A really interesting concept, with or without BoBoo Coins or real gold rewards!

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