When Your Own Guild Becomes Annoying in MMOs [Final Fantasy XI]

I’ve been getting highly annoyed at the players in my own guild on FFXI as of late. While these events took place in the game FFXI, it’s pretty much universal in all end-game guilds, at least from what I’ve seen… and if you are on a leveling up quest as I told you in my Abyssea article the other day, things will get even more annoying!

One of the things that makes FFXI (and not, FFXIV) unique is the ability to switch classes at whim. Instead of having an army of alts, you can level all classes as much or as little as you want on one character. So, if this is a foreign concept to you, just imagine that every time I say Job Change, I really mean Logging Into An Alt.

K? Good.

We did dynamis on Thursday, as we do every Thursday. I don’t know what has gotten into people lately, but people seem to not want to do their jobs. Lets review:

– Our Thief decided he didn’t want to play Thief that day. Instead, he wanted to play Warrior. This wouldn’t be an issue, except we had no puller. So he came Thief, because we NEEDED it. Except, he did a crap job pulling, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed. After watching him pull that zone perfectly on more than one occasion, I fail to chalk this s#$%y situation up as coincidence.

– Our Paladin has been main assist since the inception of this guild (or so I’ve been told, since I’m not that old). In the beginning, when he was just learning, he shadowed the Thief from above (who is also a Paladin). When he got better (relative term), he was on his own. However, he didn’t feel like main assisting. In the middle of a monster pull, he decided he wasn’t going to main assist.

Lets delve into this further:

The main assist is the end all-be all of most end game/dynamis shells. This is the person who is calling for the entire alliance to attack one thing and kill it quickly, rather than have everyone attack different things and kill them slowly. This is done by having your Black Mages/Red Mages/Bards sleep the horde of enemies, and the main assist (in this case, our Paladin) go through them one by one. The main assist has to be paying attention at all times, and call enemies quickly, otherwise, its certain death for the alliance. Everyone has a macro set up that’s “/assist Name”. This allows the player to target whatever enemy the main assist is attacking. Get it? Good.

Anyway, our main assist decided IN THE MIDDLE OF 15+ ENEMIES that he didn’t want to main assist. After many requests in the alliance chat to target something (all going ignored), my girlfriend (yup, I have one of those!) stepped up and acted as main assist (on his Ninja). But it was too late. Our Black Mages and myself (on Red Mage) have bitten the dust and were kissing the concrete. All the enemies were awake and beating up the alliance. We wiped. When inquired as to why the Paladin stood around with his thumb up his ass, he stated: Well, I was kiting statues! (Statues are mobs that have very hard hitting AoEs. They cant be slept. They are highly susceptible to magic attacks, so its the Black Mages job to nuke them down. However, they cant do that if they’re kissing concrete.) Later, he said he didn’t want to main assist, that he’d rather kite statues. But our Black Mages are good enough to not need a kiter, so I don’t understand what this dude was thinking.

– There are these nasty little buggers called Hecteyes. They are spawned by the Beastmaster enemies.

They are extremely resistant to dark-based Sleep attacks. After many attempts by myself and 3 other Black Mages to sleep them (with our dark-based Sleep spells), I started calling for white-based Sleeps. Unfortunately, since I am (or was as of Tuesday), the ONLY Bard in the entire linkshell, Lullaby couldn’t be casted. (I was Red Mage that night, after all) So I called for our two White Mages to cast Repose. After going ignored multiple times, 1/2 decided it might be a good idea to cast Repose. He did it once, and after the minute and a half timer wore off, he didn’t do it again. This resulted in a wipe every time we encountered Beastmasters.

The White Mage who DID cast Repose was convinced it was a 3 minute recast timer. After the entire linkshell facepalmed themselves, I informed him it was a 30 second recast timer, 25 if you have Haste gear and Haste on yourself. Despite his gross overestimate, he had a point: He couldn’t be the only one responsible for sleeping them. So my attention turned to the other White Mage.

In a later conversation, I jokingly said I would come Bard to every event so we had light-based sleeps, and that the linkshell would owe me their undying loyalty for coming on a job I absolutely despise. Lols erupted, except from the White Mage who wasn’t Reposing. She made some excuse how shes in the DD party and has to Haste and cure them all the time and how she cant possibly find the time to cast Repose. Cry me a river. Seriously. Ive been in that situation plenty of times myself (remember, Im a career White Mage, too!) and when my linkshell leader calls for Repose, you Repose. End of story.

Its almost like these people expect sympathy because they are coming on a job they don’t like, or they don’t want to do Dynamis San dOria AGAIN.

When I joined this linkshell, the linkshell leader (and good friend of mine) knew I absolutely HATED dynamis. I cant stand it. Its 3-4 hours of sitting in your chair and killing the same crap over and over again. Dynamis is one of the few end game events in FFXI I would gladly skip, if given the opportunity.

That being said: It is a linkshell event. I believe if you are online and have nothing pressing to do in real life, you should attend. I dont believe in Well, I don’t feel like going tonight, so Im gonna do something else. I believe that even if I personally don’t need anything from dynamis (which most nights, I don’t), I should still attend and help other people get their gear.

I don’t like it, but I do it. And I do it without whining. I like seeing people get their gear. It helps out the linkshell as a whole, which helps out me in the long run. Gear progression isnt some overnight sensation in FFXI. It takes a lot of running the same shit over and over again, sometimes for years. So I suck it up, go, do my job to the best of my ability, and call it a day.

Now, this is where my reputation as a bitch seems to precede me: I don’t give a rat’s ass if you don’t feel like doing a certain event that day. I don’t give a rat’s ass if you don’t want to play the job you’re asked to play. I don’t give a rats ass if nothing of value to you drops from whatever were doing.

I. Don’t. Care.

You wont get sympathy votes from me. I’ve done plenty of events where I got nothing. I’ve played on jobs I cant stand. I’ve done events I can’t stand doing.

Suck it up or get out of the linkshell! Period. End of Story.

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