We’d Love to See These Sports Video Games Become Reality

It’s not only a matter of eSports opportunities here – although some of these recommendations below are great for eSports too in my opinion – but we do need some new sports video games. We have the big franchises making the yearly releases… but why isn’t anybody try to dip their toes into the waters of sports games that nobody has tried before?

With fall coming, that means its sports game season in the video game world. From the Madden, NHL, FIFA, and NBA Live, to NBA2K18 and Pro Evolution Soccer, it looks like your regular season that begins each year.

However, despite all these wonderful titles, certain sports leagues or sports are missing from the fray. So in no particular order, here are some sports gaming ideas that would be unique and cool to the market:

A Canadian Football League game
Seriously, this would be cool to see. Can you imagine the idea of playing as the British Columbia Lions, Montreal Alouettes or Winnipeg Blue Bombers? With bigger footballs, three downs and on a large field, this game would have all the makings of a cult classic.

Big Name Cricket Game
Sure, some may think cricket is dull, however, its still one of the world’s most popular sports, including the emerging market country of India, where to some it’s life and death. Perhaps the International Cricket Council (ICC) should give a buzz to the likes of Konami, 2K, or EA sports to get this project running off the ground. With top big money leagues including the India Premier League, the English League, plus ICC tournaments leading to the next World Cup of Cricket, it certainly would appeal to those lovers of this sport.

Even though there was a 15th anniversary game produced by the crew at BTeam Sports last year, the Women’s National Basketball League has not has a yearly video game series. While some might see limited potential, the idea of having a yearly women’s basketball video game series could entice more female gamers to play basketball, while attracting those who love watching women’s basketball to get into video games.

CONCACAF Gold Cup & CONCACAF Champions League Soccer
Ok, sure, a real long shot. Limited media appeal outside of the Americas. However, if a video game maker wanted to take this on, produced it well and took advantage of social media tools, this idea could go off well. The idea of playing as Canada in a video game for a continental soccer championship, or as Toronto FC in the CONCACAF Champions League would be fantastic.

Why not? North American popularity in soccer is growing. Maybe it’s time for a home grown video game version of the our continental national and club championships? I could only dream. Who says you can’t dream of a Canadian Vs. Mexico video game final for a soccer championship?

These are just some sports game ideas that would be fun to test out in the video game market. Is there any other ideas you gamers would like to see. Of course, I am sure there are many other ideas that you people can come up with.

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