Critical Ops Mobile Game Has over 25 Million Users

Most of my friends know absolutely nothing about Critical Ops. Never heard of it. They have heard of Team Fortress, Counter Strike, Call of Duty and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. But they never heard about Critical Ops.

However, I am learning today that Critical Ops has over 25 million users. 25 freakin’ million!

This is, indeed a free to play game with freemium mechanics that would enrage more veteran FPS players. Plus, playing first person shooters on mobile is like trying to shoot your foot with an axe. An interesting experience to say the least.

But back to the game, it’s still growing at amazing rates and pretty soon it will take over the world (that’s my own assumption – and I’m usually extremely wrong). Around 77,000 new people join the game every day.

And my friends STILL haven’t heard about it!

Well… maybe they will now because… well, it’s on my blog. But also because there’s a 10,000 dollars tournament in the works for the best of the best. Best Critical Ops players, that is!

Critical Force together with will host the biggest Critical Ops tournament yet with a huge 10.000 dollar prize pool. The new Critical Ops Championship Series Finals online tournament will be held on the 20th of August. Four teams qualified for the event earlier in the summer, and the teams are King Uprising, Imperial, GankStars and SetToDestroyX. will stream the matches live on YouTube, Mobcrush, Twitch and Facebook.

So sorry for you – if you were hoping to get a chance at the big prize… you have none. But there’s still time to prepare for next year and join an amazing crew!

(Just in case you were wondering – yes, I have heard of Critical Ops. I actually play the game constantly, otherwise I wouldn’t have even bothered to report this news).

But even though I know about the game, I had absolutely no idea that there are teams competing for prizes. I had no idea that there are competitions in place. For a mobile FPS!

But that’s the world: things are evolving and stuff you’ve never heard about is creating waves. Big waves. 25 million-big waves. That’s really cool, actually.

Proves that, no matter how much you love them or hate them – mobile games are huge. And they’re getting bigger and bigger each year.

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