The Ten Commandments Of Abyssea [Final Fantasy XI]

I’ve been doing a lot of Abyssea as of late (Final Fantasy XI in case somebody is wondering – and YES, you can still play and enjoy that game even today!) I’ve managed to level my Red Mage from 32 to 77 in 2 Abyssea parties, which was unheard of before Abyssea. Not even Astral Burns netted that much EXP in that little amount of time…

And after playing for so long and being so successful… I decided to create and share with the world my 10 commandments. No, I’m not a God, but I do have some great advice for Abyssea in FFXI!

Despite the fact that both of my Abyssea parties were widely successful, it didn’t come without their own headaches and frustration. Before Abyssea, the main way to level was via these birds, called Colibri, post level 55ish:

In comparison to other mobs, Colibri have little defense and offense. Their special attacks are weak in comparison to other mobs, as well. The only thing that Colibri have is an innate Reflect ability that will Reflect all magic casted on them to the tank (or whoever has hate at the time). And even then, it was only the Tier 2-3 Colibri that had that ability. The Tier 1 Colibri didn’t. So while it left out offensive caster jobs (like Black Mages), for the first time we’ve seen parties achieve up to 25k exp/hr, more if you possess Relic Weapons. That’s pretty insane, no matter how you look at it!

However, if you either sucked at your job, or were a jerk, the chances of you getting a good EXP party were slim to none. I know I certainly picked-and-chose who I wanted in my party.

However, with Abyssea, the parties are full fledged alliances. Consisting of 18 people, it can be hard to pick-and-choose. Sometimes, there aren’t enough people seeking, and since there are 10 Abyssea areas, it thins out the crowd even more as people pick-and-choose what Abyssea they want to do for what purpose.

Which is what brings this first blog post to light. Since there are no official forums, and since the unofficial ones are littered with the very trash I speak of, here in my own blog is the next best bet. Besides: I can delete troll comments. And I can always come back later to check them out and feel proud of my commandments!

So here we go:

The Ten Commandments of Abyssea

1. Thou shalt not ninja loot any items.

2. Thou shalt not ninja AFK for long periods of time.

3. Thou shalt not merit dump, then /anon, then change to a leech job without asking.

4. Thou shalt do your job. Black Mages shalt sleep. Red and White Mages shalt heal. Pullers shalt pull, tanks shalt tank, and DDs shalt reek all holy hell on our enemy.

5. Thou shalt Call For Help on all Ephemeral mobs.

6. Thou shalt not simply leave the alliance without at least a 30 minute warning.

7. If thou leaving the alliance, thou shalt find your own replacement.

8. Thou shalt listen to party leads when they are calling out for certain lights.

9. Thou shalt offer payment for a leech spot.

10. Thou shalt not act like a complete douchebag.

Do you have any extra commandments to add? Give me a shout in the comment section below and I’ll add any cool ones you have. Because it says nowhere that the 10 Commandments can’t actually be… 18!


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