Power Rangers: Legacy Wars to Debut Tournament with $10,000 Cash Prize

You don’t have to play the top games out there in order to have a chance of earning a lot of money by playing some computer or video games! Or, in this case, mobile games. nWay and Saban Brands have announced that their mobile game based on the Power Rangers movie franchise will be part of the Amazon’s Mobile Masters Las Vegas (MMLV), where the winner of the upcoming tournament will win a $10,000 cash prize. Now that’s some nice money to be made playing mobile games!

The live esports event will take place on Oct 14-15 at the Millennial Esports Arena at Neonopolis in Las Vegas. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is one of the featured games, but there are even more on the list – so playing games finally starts paying nice bucks!

To earn a spot in the final showdown at MMLV, eligible North American Power Rangers: Legacy Wars players must participate in the preliminary online qualification rounds, which will run from Sept. 23-30 through the ESL website. Full details and eligibility requirements can be found by visiting the official website. Hopefully you’ve been playing the game for a while, otherwise you don’t really stand a chance… but you never know!

At the end of the qualifiers, the top four players from each region will be eligible to participate in the final live tournament as part of MMLV to compete for the title of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars’ first official champion. Fans will be able to watch the action of MMLV on Amazon Appstore’s Twitch channel during the event.

“As one of the first truly synchronous multiplayer mobile fighting games, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a perfect fit for Mobile Masters Las Vegas, letting fans see some of the very best players go head-to-head live,” said Taehoon Kim, CEO, nWay. “Events like Mobile Masters show off the deep following and high quality of competitive mobile gaming, and nWay is excited to continue creating experiences that are both fun to play and watch for the growing esports community.”

“Like the Power Rangers franchise, esports has been built through a strong community and over the years, that community has morphed into one of the biggest and most engaged,” said Janet Hsu, CEO, Saban Brands. “In bringing Power Rangers: Legacy Wars to Amazon’s Mobile Masters with nWay and Lionsgate, we’re merging two incredible fans bases while we continue to expand the Power Rangers’ interactive footprint.”

That is some great news, I would say! I picked Power Rangers: Legacy Wars to highlight because it’s one of the lesser known mobile games out there. It proves that there is money to be made from playing games just about anywhere – all you have to do is to choose your titles carefully and focus on becoming a pro. I love it!

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